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About Our Programs

We are pleased to announce that we will be implementing an invite-only policy for research paper writing opportunities. As part of this new policy, we will be sending out research paper writing invites to prospective mentees who have been recommended by professors, current mentees, founders, team members, and heads of partnering organizations.


By adopting this new policy, we hope to create a more focused and effective research experience for our fellows. In order to improve the accessibility and practicality of the application process, we will be scraping the second stage of our application process, which consists of an interview with the founders. Instead, all invited applicants who will accept our invitation will directly proceed to research proposal writing stage.


Additionally, we want to clarify that this new policy has been adopted in order to make the best use of the limited resources available in the organisation and provide the best research opportunities possible to a select group of highly motivated and qualified individuals. We look forward to working with our new and returning mentees as we continue to advance our research efforts. In case of any queries, write to us at or drop a message in the server. 

YKRS Assistance Program

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This program is for students who already are working on a research project. Through this program, you & your research team will be able to ask for special assistance and guidance from our team of mentors at different stages of your research journey. Such requests can range from seeking one-on-one mentorship to asking for an additional team member. This form is a one-stop solution to all the problems that you will be facing throughout your research.

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YKRS Fellowship Program

This is the flagship program of YKRS. If you are one of those people who wish to conduct their own research but don't have access to professional help, then this form is for you. The fellowship program aims at providing you with all the resources to fulfill your dream project. The program also aims at connecting like-minded researchers to collaborate on projects and experiments under the guidance of our mentors.

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