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About Us

Who are we?

Young Kashmir Research Society (YKRS) is a dream envisioned by two high schoolers who felt that there is a dire need to provide adequate resources and mentorship opportunities for Kashmiri students who aspire to conduct their research projects successfully. Having faced such barriers in their research endeavors, a late night phone call between the co-founders gave birth to Kashmir’s first-ever high-school-centric research society.

Our Mission:

We aim to spread the culture of research and innovation in the dynamic teenage community of Kashmir and foster a unique atmosphere of excitement and zeal for exploring the countless academic disciplines in the fields of science, technology, humanities, social sciences, linguistics, economics, finance and so on. We have and will continue to serve aspiring researchers from all across the valley and nurture their curiosity.

We represent the Young Kashmir of our times.

Join us today!

What do we do?

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie


YKRS offers a variety of resources and opportunities to budding student researchers of Kashmir. Owing to the limited audience we are targeting, most of our services are available as pilot programs; however, that does not mean that our mentees will be deprived of the support they require from us. Students can expect the following kinds of assistance from YKRS:

  • One-to-One Mentorship: Deserving researcher/s will be provided with personal mentorship and guidance from one of the members of the mentorship committee, who are pioneers in their field of work. Such teams/individuals will get access to all of the exclusive resources for their research projects. For more information, refer to About Our Programs.

  • Answering queries: Get answers to your questions about writing a research paper from our team of mentors on our Discord Server. Such queries can be technical in nature, or about specific academic areas as well.

  • Building community: Facilitating discourse and dialogue amongst the members to ensure proliferation of ideas and collaboration on projects through a self-reenforcing cycle is one of the main priorities of our organization.

  • Providing teammates and forming super teams: Like-minded candidates applying to our programs will be grouped together and assigned a mentor and a topic, if needed, to work on a research project under the constant guidance and support of the organization. Existing teams currently working on a project will be provided with additional manpower, if they require more team members and approach the organization through our assistance program. See About Our Programs

  • YKRS Kick-Start Manual: The manual will assist you in your journey into the world of research. Crafted delicately by our team, it aims to provide an overview of conducting a research and writing an academic paper on a introductory basis.

  • Providing online and offline resources: Online learning material, research papers and research opportunities will be regularly posted across all social media platforms, our discord server, as well as updated on this guide. Offline resources such as a chance to experiment and intern in a physical lab, interaction with university professors, tour of science labs, or information on offline research programs will also be provided by the society, as and when available. Do check the Resources section of this guide as well the server for regular updates!

  • Publishing your paper: Publishing your research paper, especially in a renowned journal, can be a hard nut to crack! But through YKRS’s network of connections, we will help you get your paper published in reputed research journals and provide you with the platform that you deserve. See About Our Programs

  • Providing financial support: Deserving researcher/s will be provided with financial assistance by YKRS. If deemed necessary, you will be sponsored by our partners to complete your research using the best technology and guidance while covering the full costs of the project. However, such aid is very limited and we will be able to finance only a handful of teams under this program. Please contact the Admin at for more details.

  • Webinars/Seminars/Workshops: We will be hosting reputed researchers, scholars, and professors of Kashmir Valley and elsewhere to speak on various topics and issues that concern the new generation of researchers in the contemporary era. We will also be hosting interactive workshops for our audience to understand the entire process of analysis and research. In our initial stages, such programs will be restricted to online mode; however, as we grow, we will organize offline versions of such programs as well.

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