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Research Society

Kashmir's first ever high-school-centric research society, serving aspiring student researchers since 2022.

Education in the world of tech

About Us

We represent the Young Kashmir of our times.


Young Kashmir Research Society (YKRS) is a dream envisioned by two high schoolers who felt that there is a dire need of providing adequate resources and mentorship opportunities for Kashmiri students who aspire to successfully execute their own research projects. Having themselves faced such barriers in their research endeavors, a late night phone call between the co-founders gave birth to Kashmir’s first ever high-school centric research society...

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YKRS Assistance Program

This program is for students who already are working on a research project. Through this program, you & your research team will be able to ask for special assistance and guidance from our team of mentors at different stages of your research journey. Such requests can range from seeking one-on-one mentorship to asking for an additional team member. This form is a one-stop solution to all the problems that you will be facing throughout your research.

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YKRS Fellowship Program

This is the flagship program of YKRS. If you are one of those people who wish to conduct their own research but don't have access to professional help, then this form is for you. The fellowship program aims at providing you with all the resources to fulfill your dream project. The program also aims at connecting like-minded researchers to collaborate on projects and experiments under the guidance of our mentors.

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