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Young Kashmir Research Society is looking for individuals who are dedicated, hard-working and skilled to render their services for its Social Media department. The Social Media division is the most essential and central component of YKRS's daily operations: it is what YKRS's foundation is based upon.

This application is the first stage of the recruitment process for the Social Media team. If you are one of those people who are looking to expand their knowledge of graphic designing and social media, then this form is for you.

IMPORTANT: For the information of all interested candidates, you need not be proficient in carrying out all the aforementioned duties. At YKRS, we award responsibilities and hierarchical positions based on the volunteer's interests and inclinations, as well as on other factors like time commitment, dedication, degree of skillset, etc. Through this form, you are applying to the SM team as a whole, not to any particular post at YKRS. Your post in the PR team will decided in subsequent deliberations once you are accepted in the organization.

Joining our social media team can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to harness your creativity and communication skills to connect with audiences worldwide. You'll play a pivotal role in shaping YKRS's online presence, engaging with followers, and driving meaningful conversations. This dynamic environment offers the chance to stay updated on trends, analyze data, and contribute to a YKRS's growth while honing your digital marketing expertise.

In you case you do not find the SM team to be the right fit for you, do keep an eye out for the recruitment forms of other departments of YKRS as well. Links for the same can always be found on our Discord Server and LinkTree.

Application Process:
The selection will be conducted in two stages:
1. Stage I: Submission of this form.
2. Stage II: An interview with the founders and team.

- The form is divided into two sections: In the first section, you will be asked to provide your personal details. This is to ensure that we are familiar with your background as a student. In the second section, you are required to elaborate on your past projects, activities or roles that could possibly highlight leadership, management, creativity, writing or negotiation skills. We want to learn how you think you can contribute to the SM team through your skills and participation.

The questions of this application are quite self-explanatory, however it is advised that you fill the form completely using the most accurate information available to you, in order for us to gain maximum insight into your personality and skills. Please understand that the number of questions in this form is very limited, so please make the best use of the space provided. Our main assessment tool is Stage II interview, so make sure that you express yourself clearly in this form to reach the next stage.

After successful completion, you will be contacted by YKRS through our e-mail address. We urge you to wait for the mail and carry on any future correspondence through e-mail only. We will be sending you an invitation for interview if you qualify this stage. Resubmission of this form is strongly discouraged. Our team gives equal importance to every application and every candidate; we assure you that you will receive a reply at the earliest.

By submitting this form, you are consenting to being a bonafide candidate for the Social Media team of Young Kashmir Research Society (YKRS) and agree to follow the due recruitment procedure as decided by the administrators of the organization. The founders reserve the right to accept/reject a candidate without furnishing any cause of action.

Once accepted, you will be affiliated to our organization for a finite period and will be awarded a contract for the same. The assessment of your performance within that period will be a deciding factor as to whether the tenure will be extended indefinitely or otherwise. This application should reach to all the deserving students in Kashmir and we would very much like to welcome you in our YKRS team.

In case you have any queries regarding the application, feel free to write us at

In case you have not joined our Discord server or followed us on our social media handles yet, you can do so by using the link:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Young Kashmir Research Society


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